Play Ball Tai Chi

A ballgame of focus, coordination and balance.

Play Ball Tai Chi

Play Ball Tai Chi is a playful mind body practice created on the beaches of Aruba. In Play Ball Tai Chi, series of movements, called sequences, are combined with tossing a ball from one hand to the other. Typically, Play Ball Tai Chi invites the practitioner to create new moves, sequences and variations of ball tosses. The spirit of Play Ball Tai Chi is egalitarian, inclusive and cooperative. Play Ball Tai Chi welcomes body awareness, curiosity and a sense of meaning as routes to personal satisfaction and sustainable practice. Play Ball Tai Chi can motivate frequent physical activity and stress relief, in work, school and life.

Aruba beach classes!

Keep an eye out on our Play Ball Tai Chi beach classes on Eagle Beach held by our teacher Andrea Herrera.

* Eagle Beach has been rated one of the best beaches of the world and is viewed as the most beautiful beach of the Caribbean, according to Wikipedia.

Watch Around California Lighthouse

Around California Lighthouse

View it Action

Our complete Seven Foundational Sequences are in post production. Would you like to get notified when all of the video's are online? Contact us.

Handmade Massive Ball

Get your official Play Ball Tai Chi ball(s) for $45!

  • Designed, tested and handmade in Holland.
  • A massive, contact-friendly silicone ball.
  • Available in 3 awesome colors!

* Play Ball Tai Chi is accesible to everyone, you can even practice with an orange.



Andrea Herrera
Teacher, Aruba

Andrea gives the Play Ball Tai Chi Beach Class on Eagle beach in Aruba. She is also a yoga teacher and singer. Click here to enroll in one of her beach classes.

Henry Does
Teacher, Aruba & The Netherlands

Henry is the creator of Play Ball Tai Chi, writer and occupational health physician. He is author of the e-Book Play Ball Tai Chi.
Henry provides (digital) Play Ball Tai Chi train-the-teacher (one-on-one) sessions. Do you want te become a Play Ball Tai Chi teacher? Or would you like to incorporate Play Ball Tai Chi in your Tai Chi (Taiji), qigong, yoga, stress management or other mind-body health promoting classes?send us an email.

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